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    What is the validity period of tickets purchased online?

    Tickets are valid six months from the date of purchase.

    What do I do when I arrive at the Park?

    At the Park, please proceed directly to the turnstiles and scan your ticket for entry.

    What do I do if I encounter a problem when buying online?

    For enquiries related to online ticketing please contact us at +971 (2) 4968000, or [email protected]

    Are refunds possible?

    Refunds are not possible for online purchases.

    How do I receive my tickets when I buy online?

    You will receive your print-at-home ticket(s) via email. You can also generate a PDF version of your ticket(s) on the purchase confirmation page.

    What security is in place for online purchases?

    We use secure third-party payment providers and VeriSign SSL encryption. We also do not store your payment information.

    What is the validity period of the tickets?

    Entry tickets to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (excluding Two Park Pass and Early Bird tickets) are valid for one entry to the park within six months of the date of purchase. Early Bird tickets are only valid on the selected date of visit.

    Can I upgrade my Bronze ticket to Silver or Gold ticket after purchase?

    Yes. You can upgrade your ticket at the Information Point at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi any time during your visit.

    Tickets and Admission Policies

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi follows a three-tier ticket system. Each package varies in price with different benefits, all of which are highlighted below*:

    Bronze Ticket Silver Ticket Gold Ticket
    1 day ticket AED 295 AED 370 AED 535
    1 day junior ticket (Below 1.3m) AED 230 AED 305 AED 445
    Merchandise voucher AED 20 AED 30
    Fast Pass 3 Shots Unlimited
    Karting Academy  AED 35 per session  AED 35 per session One Free Slot

    All packages provide unlimited access to rides and attractions inside the park for every Guest. There is an additional charge of AED 120 to experience the thrill of driving the three state-of-the-art simulators, Scuderia Challenge, as used by the Scuderia F1™ drivers. All simulators run on a timed ticketing system and these tickets should be collected in advance at the attraction upon arrival to the park. Karting Academy has an additional charge of AED 35  per person, each session. VR Challenge has an additional charge of AED 35  per person, each session. All kids under the age of three are admitted for free.

    *Ticket prices stated are online booking prices. Book online here. 

    Why is the ticket price based on height?

    There are safety and usability restrictions on some of the rides, which are based on height, in line with standard practice in theme parks internationally. While guests under 1.3m, mostly children, will be able to enjoy rides at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, there are a few rides that will be restricted to them, hence the above and below 1.3m ticket pricing. Children 3 years of age and younger are admitted free of charge accompanied by their parents. Parents may be asked to provide ID to verify age of guests 3 and younger.

    Do I need to buy an entry ticket even if I don’t go on rides?

    Yes, you must have a valid ticket to enter Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

    Are guests allowed to bring in food and beverages inside the park?

    Guests will not be permitted to bring food and drinks into the park for health and safety reasons. However, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers a wide selection of restaurants and food carts offering a mouth-watering range of Italian and dishes and quick bites to suit all tastes and budgets.

    Are there Annual Pass to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    Yes, visitors can buy Annual Pass to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi which, in addition to year round access, provide many benefits and privileges.

    What are the operating days and times of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    For full details on park opening hours, please visit our Park Information page.

    Are there car parks inside of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers more than 2,000 free car parks for guests. Valet Parking service is also available for AED 42.

    Can I celebrate a birthday at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    Certainly. We offer several packages for a memorable birthday.

    What guest services are available for visitors?

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi provides a wide range of services for guests, from baby care rooms, prayer rooms, stroller and wheelchair rentals to lockers and wind breaking outfits for those wishing to brave the Ferrari-inspired thrill rides in good shape. More information and details can be obtained from the Information Point near the main entry plaza of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

    Can I smoke inside the Park?

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a smoke-free facility, in accordance with UAE laws. Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas.

    Is there a dress code at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    Please wear respectful clothing as courtesy to other guests in the Park.

    Directions from Sharjah

    • Take the E11 highway following signs for Dubai and Abu Dhabi, joining the E10 highway
    • Take the Yas Island East Exit (Yas Leisure Drive)
    • Follow the blue signs that say ‘Yas Leisure Drive’ until you reach brown tourist signs that read  ‘Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’

    Directions from Dubai

    • From Dubai on the E11 Highway (Sheikh Zayed Road) take Sheikh Zayed Road south, heading towards Abu Dhabi
    • Take the Yas Island East Exit (Yas Leisure Drive)
    • Follow the blue signs that say ‘Yas Leisure Drive’ until you reach brown tourist signs that read ‘Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’

    Directions from Abu Dhabi

    Route One Via E10 Highway (Al Raha Beach Highway)

    • Leave Abu Dhabi Island towards Dubai via Maqta Bridge
    • Pass the Al Raha Beach Hotel and Raha Mall on your left
    • Take the slip road, signed Yas Island West or East
    • Follow the blue signs that say ‘Yas Leisure Drive’
    • Follow the brown tourist signs that say ‘Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’


    Route Two Via E12 Highway (Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway)

    • Take the Corniche Road towards Mina Zayed Port and follow signs for Yas Island
    • Take the E12 Sheikh Khalifa Highway
    • Follow the blue signs that say ‘Yas Leisure Drive’
    • Follow the brown tourist signs that say ‘Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’

    Is there a shuttle service from my hotel to the Park?

    If you’re staying at any of Yas Island hotels, you can enjoy the free Yas Express shuttle service connecting all main attractions through designated bus stops. For more details please visit

    Is there a taxi stop near Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    There is a taxi stop at the main entrance of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi where you can get a taxi at any point during the park opening hours.

    What is the best time of year to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    Any time of year is a good time. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is open to visitors every day, year round, and it’s always 24 °C!

    How big is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s iconic sleek red roof, inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spans 200,000m2 carrying the largest Ferrari logo ever created. The enclosed indoor area accessible to the public is 86,000 m2 large enough to fit seven football fields head-to-toe.

    Where can I apply for jobs at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    You can visit our careers page to view the latest job vacancies at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and submit your CVs.

    What type of attractions does Ferrari World Abu Dhabi feature?

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi features more than 20 rides and attractions designed to tell the Ferrari story in ways which appeal to a broad audience of different ages and interests. From the world’s fastest roller coaster, to advanced racing simulators can find and enjoy unforgettable experiences at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

    Where is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi located?

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located on Yas Island on the North East side of Abu Dhabi’s mainland, a 10-minute drive from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, 30 minutes from the city of Abu Dhabi and 50 minutes from Dubai Marina. Yas Island is the UAE’s latest leisure hub with a wide range of accommodation and entertainment facilities.

    How much time did it take to build Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

    The park’s foundation stone was laid on 3 November 2007. The development was completed in three years, opening to the public for the first time on 4 November 2010.

    Is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for me?

    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was designed to appeal to a broad audience of families, including women and children, thrill seekers and racing fans of different ages, nationalities and interests.
    With more than 20 diverse rides and attractions, there is literally something for everybody.

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