Fiorano GT Challenge

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-Height Restriction: 1.3m – 1.95m
- Each coaster car is a replica of a Ferrari F430 Spider
- Maximum speed: 95km/h
- Multiple overtaking maneuvers
- 2 dueling 1080m tracks
- Launch platform: indoors
-Majority of the track is outdoors
-Maximum acceleration: +1G
-Maximum deceleration: -1.5G
-Maximum lateral forces: +1.8 – 2.0G

Race to win!

Release your competitive streak and race friends on twisting parallel tracks in a Ferrari F430 Spider. The circuit is based on real GT racecourses, so brace yourself for furious hairpin turns and exhilarating straights as you reach speeds of up to 95km/h. Will you out-manoeuvre and roar past your competing car in the frenzied sprint to the finish? There can only be one winner.

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